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Rural Feeds Vits & Mins

Rural Feeds Vits & Mins

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Brand Rural Feeds
Rural Feeds Vits & Mins is a great supplement to help support general health. Offering a selection of super food ingredients, it provides the optimal level of vitamins and minerals required for a healthy horse. This natural supplement supports the immune system and promotes good condition. 
Key ingredients in this supplement include:
- Sea Buckthorn: Fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, folic acid, and over 60 antioxidants.
- Aloe Vera: a plant packed with vitamins and rich in minerals. 
- Moringa Leaf: source of protein, vitamins and over 90 active compounds.
- Turmeric: popular spice supporting antioxidant mechanisms. 
- FlaxSeed: high in omega 3 fatty acids.
- Tart Cherry: important nutrients, antioxidants and vitamin C. 

A quality and value product offering an average 60 day supply for horses, when fed at 50g per day.
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Brand Rural Feeds

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