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Mollichaff Donkey

Mollichaff Donkey

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Mollichaff Donkey is a highly palatable mix containing a balanced blend of dried grass, fibre pellets, oat straw, and soya oil with camomile, mint and lemon balm. It also contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, which includes limestone and magnesium. Limestone provides additional calcium for strong bones and healthy growth. Mollichaff Donkey is low in sugar, starch and energy and carries the HoofKind logo to denote that it is suitable for donkeys, mules, horses or ponies prone to laminitis. When Mollichaff Donkey is fed at the recommended levels, it needs no further supplementation other than good quality forage, or it can be used as a total forage replacer. At least 1.5% of bodyweight should be fed in total food per day, including forage, even to overweight donkeys.

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