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KM Elite Soya Oil 5ltr Size: 5ltr

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Brand KM Elite
KM Elite
Of all the vegetable oils suitable for feeding to horses, Soya Oil has proven the most beneficial, being particularly rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, including an especially high content of linoleic acid. This fatty acid is an essential component in the horse’s diet and promotes good skin and coat condition, whilst oil in general is a concentrated source of slow release, non-heating energy for the promotion of stamina or weight gain. Soya Oil is ideal for any horse or pony support a natural healthy shine to the coat. Soya Oil is a source of slow release energy that can help to improve your horse or pony’s stamina if used in conjunction with a correct exercise programme. Soya Oil can aid horses with skin irritations. Soya Oil is also a useful weight gain aid as it is a high calorie supplement.
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Brand KM Elite

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