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Equilibrium Simply Irresistible Fabulous Fruits - 1.5 Kg

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The healthy, handy, versatile horse treat. Can be sprinkled on top of hard feed, chaff or forage to add flavour and variety to dull everyday feeds. Mix with medication, wormers or supplements to make them more palatable and aid digestion. Ideal for good doers or restricted diets, to tempt fussy eaters and to put in treat balls. A delicious bland of natural fruits, including apple, apricot, strawberry, dates and sultanas. High in fibre and cereal free, with no added sugar, suitable for all horses and ponies including those prone to laminitis. Rich in anti-oxidants, with added probiotics to support a healthy gut. Based on an average serving a 1.5kg pack will last 30 days. Manufactured uder the BETA NOPS scheme.
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